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abg1Al Grunwell has been recording audio his entire adult life. Former co-owner of Calf Audio in Ithaca, New York, and Marsland Studio in Greene, New York, Al has recently returned to Ithaca. "Sure I've accumulated a lot of gear over the years, but more importantly, I've also learned a lot through experience. Having worked on so many projects gives me valuable perspective.

Not only do I know what to do, I also know what not to do and when to stay out of the way. While it's true recording can be a collaborative experience, first and foremost I always make my contribution supportive rather than invasive.

My responsibility is to present the song in the best possible light, and that's the approach I take every time.


Wow! This sounds great! Vocals are well-balanced, too.

Al, thank you so much for all that you do for CUMEME. I appreciate it, and I know I'm not … read more
-- JP - Cornell University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble

 cell: 607.339.6607  land: 607.387.6900 (the old "rongo" number!)

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