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What makes good video ?

Lights ? Camera ? Action ?

Yeah, sure. But more importantly, GREAT AUDIO makes for compelling video. Since FLREC expanded some years back to video, the one consistent comment is "man, that video looks great".

And do you know why?  Because it sounds good!

Camera recorded audio is the worst. For pro results,  always record the audio separately - and redundantly. Depending on the price point, that audio can be multitrack , which is  mixed at SolarStudio; synced to vid; and then edited. But even the simplest recital, testimonial or lecture benefits from this audiocentric approach. Intelligibility rules!

Let your viewers see - and hear - exactly what you have to offer.

Evil City String Band "Cotton Eye Joe" Live captures a warm "living room" feel for this old chestnut performed by Evil City String Band on WVBRs radio show.

Charles Davis Trio LIve - Part One
Supremely experienced Charles Davis Trio brings timeless sensibility to each and every performance. Recorded for WVBRs radio show, this lenghtly cut is offered in two sections. Check out the very end of part two for a touching finale. Five cam shoot, live radio mix.

Charles Davis Live - Part Two
Supremely experienced Charles Davis Trio brings timeless sensibility to each and every performance. Recorded for WVBRs radio show, this lenghtly cut is offered in two sections. Check out the very end of part two for a touching finale. Five cam shoot, live radio mix.

Dan Veaner
Playing Athlone on Celtic harp in the 'Concerts in the Courtroom' series in Lansing, NY

Neal Massa Blues Trio " Till the Day I Die"
Bluesy rocker comes to town with subtle and solid playing and singing from this fine group. From a live performance on WVBRs radio show, Lost Dog Lounge, Ithaca NY.

Cayuga Vocal Ensemble & Chamber Orchestra - Handel's Messiah Excerpt
A mesmerizing collaboration between charmber orchestra and choral singers, this excerpt performed and recorded at First Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, was acclaimed by audience members as a "best ever" performance. Proprietary recording approach and sound design, vid to document.

Sherman Kelly "Dancing in the Moonlight"
Writer of the megahit "Dancing in the Moonlight", Sherman Kelly has revamped his timeless pop classic as an instant sing-along - recruiting a chorus of elementary school children to help. Join in the fun and sing along too!

Yardvarks "Let's Go to Bed Early"
"Let's Go to Bed Early" is a lovely song reflecting life's joyful and bittersweet journey. The song was written by John Simon, who performs it here with the Yardvarks on www . Three cam shoot, audio mix from multitrack.

Shoghaken Armenian Folk Ensemble
Perhaps the finest example of authentic Armenian folk music. This excerpt is from the crowd-pleasing duet finale - one can feel the energy ! Four cam shoot, live sound mix.

Mystic Trick - live at the Haunt
Engaging rock with a groove from this fine band. Three cam shoot, hifi mix from multitrack.

35th Paralel Live at the Lost Dog Cafe
Beautiful, elegant, dynamic and spiritual are words fairly used to describe the music this duo plays. Four camera shoot, boardmix audio. Part of the www . crossingborderslive . org music series broadcast on WVBR FM, Ithaca NY

BABiK Live!
Part of the www.crossingbordersliv music series. Gypsy jazz, done up right. captured live ! Two cam shoot, live radio mix audio track.

Radio London
OK, let's get this straight - Radio London, a tribute band with obvious affection for the "British Invasion" era, covering a good ol' American Chuck Berry song - with a French title, "C'est La Vie". 'Nuff said ! ..performed on the WVBR radio show, Four cam shoot, radio broadcast sound mix.

Radio London "Gimmie Some Lovin"

Hard to believe Steve Winwood was just 16 when he cut this classic rock song with the Spencer Davis Group in '66. Here's a newly energized version from Radio London recorded at WVBRs radio show.

Ithaca Dixieland Band Live at Lost Dog Cafe 1
What a way to warm up a cold New York March evening ! Ithaca Dixieland Band infuses classics with its own particular spin, live on WVBRs Five cam shoot, live radio mix.

The Destination
How often do you get to hear a big horn-driven funk, rock & pop band ? Not often! The Destination is an excellent example of how a tight band can whip a crowd up while it's gettin' down ! Roaming camera, boardmix audio, impromptu recording.

Capturing the nuance and intricacy of 16th century music with warmth and flair, Mignarda's engaging and accessible performances remind 21st century audiences that, at one time, this was pop music. From a fall 2007 performance at the Unitarian Church, Ithaca NY.

Colleen Kattau
A passionate and multilingual singer-songer writer of exceptional power, Colleen Kattau puts heart and soul into every song. Here she sings of the relative balance of power and fairness in the lives of the rich and the poor. From a performance on, WVBR FM. Three cam shoot, live radio mix.

Kelly Birtch
Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" will never sound the same again ! Kelly Birtch has deconstructed and reconstructed the huge horn band sound to fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Unbelievable ! From a show. Three cam shoot, radio mix audio.

4 Bitchin Babes
Captured Live at Homer Center for the Arts and [ audio ] aired on Full of whimsy and passion without sentimentality, 4BB really knows how to engage an audience. Two cam shoot, hifi mix from multitrack audio.

Marcia Rutlege Quartet "Do Me Wrong"
Jazz chanteuse and her quartet caught live at a small jazz club. Two cam shoot, though only one used here. Live audio mix.

Blue Sky Mission Club
A mellower tune from this energetic group; works nicely in this smaller venue. Part of the www . crossingborderslive . org WVBR radio show. Four cam shoot, live radio mix audio. PS - No soundcheck !

Yardvarks "They Don't Know About Us"
"They Don't Know About Us" is a great, near-instant classic song by Tracy Ullman. The Yardvarks knocked out this beautifully harmonized cover version at their recent performance on radio show. Three cam shoot, audio mix from multitrack.

El Caminos live at the Haunt
Call it alt country, cowpunk, janglepop, whatever, this great band delivers up, down and all around songs that make an audience cry .... for more ! Four cam shoot, hifi audio mix from multitrack.

Five 2 "Say Goodnight"
Five 2 Live on the Cornell Arts Quad, part of the 2007 Summer Music Series

Miriam Aziz "Bright-Eyed Girl"
From the WVBR multicultural radio series Miriam is joined onstage by Rich DePaulo and Mike Riccardi, creating a delightful cross-cultural fusion. Two camera shoot, radio mix audio.

Berrit Smylin Band "Deep River Blues"
Recorded live at the Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg NY

The Magnetics "Look Into My Eyes"
Classic, melodic, intelligent pop rock, nicely arranged and played. Two cam shoot; audio mix from multitrack. 100% Live. Castaways in Ithaca NY

Teapacks Live @ Cornell 2007 "I Love You"
Part of the music series. Top Israeli band makes a special appearance. HD video live at Cornell University. Enhanced board mix audio.

Finger Lakes Community Orchestra Sibelius' "Finlandia"
Sibelius, "Finlandia"'; Erik Kibelsbeck, cond. Members from Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca and Syracuse NY community orchestras. 2 cam shoot; surround digital audio recording.

Yuri Yunakov's Romani Wedding Ensemble
Part of the radio series; one of the hottest dance bands around. One cam shoot (yes, the dancers are bouncing the floor!) and audio is the radio mix.

Jimkata live at the Haunt, Ithaca NY
Rockin the Haunt - Original rock played with verve, groove and passion. Captured live by 3 cams; audio is enhanced board mix. Check out JimKata !

Yardvarks live!
Well, what can you say about a group of fellers that acoustically cover classic hard rock, staying true to the original arrangment ? Listen ! 3 Cam shoot, hifi mix from multitrack audio.

Cayugas Waiters
Fall Concert "Just Come" at Statler Auditorium, Cornell University, Ithaca NY November 2007 - Classic Ivy League Male A Capella captured live at a big fall show. Sold out concert, no room for multiple cameras; one cam shoot, synced to live boardmix audio. Enjoy !

Dan Veaner
Dan's live version of an English Music Hall song, replete with snappy banter for cheese, let's do the obvious... "say cheese!"


From the bottom of my heart, thank you yet again for your time and dedication. Peace and best of luck to you in all endeavors, and I look forward to … read more
-- Allen

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