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The beauty of live recording - what I like to call live 'capture' - is that an individual or group is literally playing to an audience - not playing to a bunch of recording equipment. Forget about the recording, you're playing ! It's a raw, lively experience, more often than not containing some pleasant surprises, and is a very cost efficient approach to 'capturing' what performance is really all about. The recordings made live have a sense of the power and passion that pours off the stage. It's palpable, and real. My recording methodology maintains this very elusive, intangible element that audiences crave - namely, an emotional connection to both performer and music.

So record a few live performances, mix and match as desired, and bing bang boom ! You're done - a single or even double-length project suitable for CD, download, ringtone, whatever - for thousands less than the equivalent studio session (which I'm also happy to do, by the way!).
Sweet Sunny South
FingerLakes can work with you wherever you are. On-site recording doesn't even have to be local! Here are two audio examples from the acoustic-trad  group Sweet Sunny South out in Colorado. Our very first collaborative effort proved we're onto something good:

Here's what group leader Rob Miller had to say:
It's perfect, ssssssounds great!
That's the sort of awareness we can bring to your project.

Marcia Rutledge
The soul of a jazz chanteuse is very much alive and well in the heart of Marcia Rutledge, who caresses each performance with intimacy, wit and exquisite detail. Here she was captured "Live at Kettles Lakes".

I have worked with Mr. Grunwell on two separate recording projects.  In the studio I found him to present a supportive, professional environment that was instrumental in the production of a superior product.  For my live room recording, Al managed to be ever present, yet unobtrusive, and was right-on with his choice of state-of-the-art technology in a challenging room.  I wholeheartedly recommend Al for studio and live recordings for fairly priced, all around great results.

Dennis King

Our clients do become part of our extended recording family. Dennis King travels a couple of hours in order to get the FINGERLAKES sound into his project, best described as appropriate and supportive for whatever the clients' vision entails.

In this case Dennis King likes the energy he gets from a live performance, enhanced and enlarged by overdubbing.
The songs sound great, I am really enjoying them
...comments Dennis upon hearing the finished mixes.

reVelreVel is a heavy three-piece that played and recorded live at Al's former studio, Marsland recording. The lead vocal was subsequently replaced, and occasionally a second guitar added, but pretty much what you hear is what you get with these guys. The band recently did quite well in a regional competition.

Al Miele

Al Miele is Binghamtons' premier drummer. Whether playing in bands, in the studio, or in a new production of 'The Wall" - Al is the go-to guy. So when he wanted to try something new on his own - recording acoustically-played (NOT played and sampled)  techno/rave song-length grooves at 160+ bpm- Al came to Al:

The track turned out bright, punchy and crunchy - perfect for club play - and all the effects that Al (the engineer) used, I (Al the drummer) can add live. I can't wait to do more !

Los Blancos

Los Blancos is a rootsy blues group from Syracuse. When they were thinking of doing a live album, they talked to Charlie about recording some of their live shows and compiling the best of the shows into a live CD. The project went beautifully with Charlie recording 3 of their shows and coming up with a great final product. This audio clip shows the live energy of the band and how it was captured:

The CD "Thirst Of A Thousand Camels" has been released and is selling well at their shows. You can learn more about Los Blancos at their

M H Abrams

Readings from poet laureate M H Abrams' dissertation "The Fourth Dimension of a Poem


Mansion With Ending

Look Stranger

A Bird Came Down

We can do the same for you and your band. It's a great way to create new product!

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Audio Clips

Lise Winne

Some of our clients prefer to link to their own sites, rather than include a clip here.

Lise Winnes' expressive soprano perfectly infuses her music with something we call 'contemporary authenticity'.
Lise's website:
Her experience with Al:
A good deal of the albums that come out of Al Grunwell's studio have a shimmering quality to them. While they often have a warm analog feeling to them, they are made with the latest digital equipment. Vocalists can be especially pleased with the results as he not only stays true to the tonal qualities of a singer, but also mixes to bring out the emotive feeling in the overall song, something that many engineers forget in their quest to achieve the highest form of technical mastery. Dapper and eccentric, Al is also fun to work with.

 cell: 607.339.6607  land: 607.387.6900 (the old "rongo" number!)

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